A note about this blog

It is worth pointing out that I am not a journalist or a professional within the writing sphere; nor do I need to be. This blog will serve the purpose of putting forward the questions and ideas that occur in regards to numerous topics of importance, topics such as the existence of God, equality between men and women, equality as a species, the death sentence and what justice may or may not be.

This is not a place for me to try and prove that I am ‘right’ about anything, I want to provoke discussion, heated or not. I want people to question any conclusions I may have about any of the above and to explain any counter points in a controlled and informed manner.

I believe that in order to achieve a real harmony amongst our species, to be able to honestly strive towards fulfilling the potential our intelligence demands, we need to endure a conflict of sorts. We need to butt heads over these topics. We need to reveal the flaws contained within the logic of opposing ideas and iron out any negative social implications our points of view may contain.

Mankind will never achieve a state of equality unless it can first agree on the direction on which in must strive. So long as we bicker without conclusion then we will always suffer the poor to starve, women to seethe at silent injustices and for religious figures to wield imaginary authorities.

Let us begin.